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Who is CCTV Installation Los Angeles?


We are an experienced security company providing installations for businesses, residential homes and industrial locations for the needs of all CCTV installation Los Angeles areas.

Our Clients

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What to Expect from CCTV Installation Los Angeles?

Although there may be many reasons to use a CCTV security system, three of the most common reasons are:

  1. Residential Security Systems
    Protect your home and family 24/7 with advanced security systems, which deter intruders and identify thieves for prosecutions.

  2. Commercial Security Systems
    Increase productivity, reduce employee and customer theft. Use fixed or varifocal lenses, depending on your size.

  3. Industrial Security Systems
    Liability management, vandalism prevention, fraud prevention. The varifocal lenses allow adjustment for large area coverage.

  4. To accomplish this, we utilize

  5. Megapixel Cameras
    These H.264 video compression cameras have over one million pixels and 4:3 aspect ratio produces the image. Compared with the 16:9 ratios for HD cameras, the megapixel will optimize your images. With megapixel, you will experience the power of equipment with the world’s fastest multi-megapixel network cameras. They have full-motion video frame rate capabilities, which provide various rates and resolutions as needed.

  6. Certified Camera Installations
    With our high definition IP surveillance cameras, you will reap the benefits of the advanced technology of the Arecont Vision technology. These fully integrated video systems interface seamlessly with their world renowned software security systems. For a clean image and wide coverage area, the IP camera installation will provide protection and security 24/7. These camera installations may combine IP cameras, fixed, dome or vandal-proof.

  7. DVR
    One of our most cost-effective units, the DVR, or digital video recorder pays for itself as: a tax deductible expense, capacity for locating evidence, deters theft and vandals, coverage used for liability defense. When you choose a Linux based or PC based DVR, remember that you have the option to lease or purchase the system. This is a unique opportunity unlike any other in the security industry.

  8. Access control
    With these specialized area security systems, keys are a thing of the past. When you need to protect a sensitive area from unauthorized intruders, or to prevent re-entries in some cases, an access control system will keep the designated areas secure at all times. The audit trails and management reports will detail specific parameters of access control.

  9. Alarm Systems and Monitoring
    With certified installers, these alarm systems can be up and running without changing any current devices used at your location, or a completely new can be installed. For the complete protection of your operations, your alarm system comes with a 24 hour services and installation coverage and a web portal for easy customer access.

Benefits of a CCTV Security System


There are many benefits you receive from a CCTV security system designed to minimize losses and protect your assets. It is the first line of defense against theft or vandalism is in the collection of evidence.

Our trained professionals assist you with maximizing your CCTV security system. They will advise you in strategic placement of deterrence cameras and provide ongoing support through the use of:

  • 24 hours of Continuous Monitoring
  • Phone Monitoring Interface
  • Software Interface
  • Loss Prevention Analysis
  • Support Analysis for PC System Requirements

Why use CCTV Installation Los Angeles?

With our 30 years combined experience and specialized industry knowledge, we are happy to provide you at any time with detailed information regarding our CCTV installers Los Angeles company’s:

  • Client Testimonials
  • History of Proven, 100% Certified Installations
  • Lowest Prices for Products and Installation

With our combined experience and a history of excellence in installation service, we are positioned as an industry leader for all CCTV installation Los Angeles areas.